How a Spice Mix was Born

The Bagel Spice Story Gourmet spice mix Bagel Spice was inspired by an Everything Bagel

Bagel Spice was a true "ah ha" moment of discovery. It came to me while eating in a Mall food court. I was drawn to a person who took his bagel out of its wrapper, separated the two halves to expose the cream cheese, and began shaking the wrapper on top of the bagel. This intrigued me and it took a few minutes for me to determine what this person was trying to achieve. Apparently most of the spices that were on the outside of that person's everything bagel had fallen off inside the wrapper so he could not enjoy them. Creatively, he tried to get them back into the bagel by shaking them out of the wrapper and getting them to stick to the cream cheese so they wouldn't fall off.

At that moment I made the decision that no one should have to go through this to enjoy their bagel. So I took it upon myself to create a condiment designed specifically for bagels that people could enjoy without the frustration of having to scoop the spices from inside a wrapper.

Not Just For Bagels!

As soon as I successfully concocted the gourmet spice mix, I realized that Bagel Spice was not just a topping for bagels, but also a savory seasoning blend that could be added to a variety of dishes! I started experimenting at home by adding it to hummus, spreads, salads, eggs, meats, and other dishes. It was evident that Bagel Spice could add incredible flavor to so much more than bagels. We'll be featuring some savory, simple delicious recipe ideas using Bagel Spice here.

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