What is Bagel Spice?

Bagel Spice TrioBagel Spice is a scrumptious blend of premium spices inspired by the "Everything Bagel".  It's a delicious accompaniment to a variety of savory dishes.

- Sprinkle it on cream cheese, hummus or other bread spreads for a taste bud explosion

- Shake it over fried eggs, lox and tuna for a delectable flavor boost

- Mix it with mashed potatoes, egg salad and potato salad for a delightful flavor

- Add it to salad dressings and vinaigrettes for extra zing in your salads

- Blend it with marinades and sauces for an aromatic kick

- Combine it with your favorite dry rub mixture for delicious meat dishes

The possibilities are endless for distinctive, mouth-watering dishes with Bagel Spice.

Want to take your savory experience to the next level? Order Bagel Spice today!