The Bagel Spice Team

Meet the people behind the spice...

Bechara Jaoudeh - Master Spiceologist

Bechara Jaoudeh Founder of Bagel Spice

The dude who started it all. Although not a Chef, Bechara has a tremendous passion for spices and ethnic foods. Drawing on his cross cultural palette he created Bagel Spice to be the perfect condiment for a large variety of foods. Bechara is not only the mastermind behind Bagel Spice, but also the leader of the Bagel Spice team.   View Bechara Jaoudeh's profile on LinkedIn

Marilyn Moran - Queen of Buzz


Marilyn is our spunkiest (sauciest?) team member. She loves all things Internet Marketing, especially Social Media. She's also a big fan of anything epicurean. She considers herself an accomplished home cook and often experiments with new recipes. As soon as she first heard about Bagel Spice, she knew she had to get involved. She's our secret recipe for success!

Zak Kapla - The All-Natural Ingredient


Words cannot describe what Bagel Spice is, can, and will be, but Zak is going to try. Zak Kapla is the lyrics to the song that is Bagel Spice. Creativity is Zak's strong suit, and he wears it well. Zak is just one of the many ingredients that makes Bagel Spice so special.

Jay AlAsha - The Young Poppy Seed

Even though Jay is the youngest member of our team, he is a big contributor. He helps introduce retail shops to Bagel Spice and assists in most store demonstrations. Jay is also the inventor of the "Bagel Spice Soft Pretzel"; this awesome pretzel is on sale at over ten 7-Eleven stores in PA.