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Home Page – Our gourmet spice mix is basically the “everything bagel” in a jar. The original recipe is a salt free seasoning was invented in 2009. Our newest products are Bagel Spice with Mediterranean Sea Salt and Bagel Spice Zesty Jalapeno became available to the public in 2010.

Gourmet Spice Mixes – We currently offer three gourmet seasoning blends: Bagel Spice Original Recipe, Bagel Spice with Mediterranean Sea Salt and Bagel Spice Zesty Jalapeno.

Bagel Spice Original Recipe – The original recipe is our salt free seasoning which is perfect for people with salt-free or salt-restricted diets.

Bagel Spice Zesty Jalapeno – This delicious, tangy gourmet seasoning blend with zesty jalapeno is perfect on hummus, dips, tuna, mashed potatoes, steak, chicken and much more!

Bagel Spice with Mediterranean Sea Salt – This delicious gourmet seasoning with Mediterranean Sea Salt Flakes is a natural and healthy way to add flavor to your food. We have selected only the best, most authentic sea salt from the Mediterranean region.

About Bagel Spice – Learn how our gourmet spice mix was born!

Simple Delicious Recipe Blog – Our blog contains easy delicious recipes you can create using our gourmet seasoning blends.

Meet the Bagel Spice Team - Our team consists of passionate foodies who are literally obsessed with gourmet spices and using spices for cooking.

Bagel Spice FAQs – Got questions about our spice mixes? Look no further than our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Store Locator – Want to know where you can find Bagel Spice gourmet spice mix near you? Go to our Store Locator page to find out.